"Handwritten": Every letter tells a story

Self initiated project. Hand drawn letters, pencil on paper, digitally manipulated and composed so as to create words.

«The drawings depict various existing or imaginary objects positioned in random order to formulate compositions, the forms of which simulate the letters of the alphabet.
Each element does not necessarily match or converse with the one next to it, nor does it in fact make sense on its own, however the final image can stand independently or as part of something larger.
The forms themselves are utilized in the same logic as words are, when combined to compose statements.
The project is based on two principles:
The practice of the medium (pencil and eraser) and the search of the random.
Surrealist in it’s methodology, fantasy art in form and comical in content, "Handwritten" is a pastiche of references that ultimately create a contemporary version of Drop Cap.»
- Evita Tsokanta, 2016

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